Poise – a First-Person Multiplayer Shooter

Finally we finished our first Unity Project – Poise!

Poise is a first person, tactical, multiplayer shooter game, where two Teams (red Team and green Team) fight against each other. Goal of the game is to build a save path to the base, located somewhere in the level and occupy it. The levels consist of freely floating horizontal-lying and vertical-standing platforms in the sky, which can be moved by the players in the main-axes (X- Y and Z-axis). The fights are all battled in the sky. If a player falls down, he / she dies. The implementation is being carried out with the Unity 3D Game-Engine.


Game Programming:
– Kreshnik Halili
– Christian Granitzer

3D Artists:
– Christian Hochfellner
– Mathias Oberprieler
– Philip Klich
– Bogdan Grytsiv

Project Portfolio:



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